March 3, 2020

Stage 32 Microbudget Horror Competition Offers Film Option, Production Mentoring, Greenlight Eligibility

Stage 32 Microbudget Horror Competition Offers Film Option, Production Mentoring, Greenlight Eligibility


Online film networking and education platform Stage 32 has partnered with Trick Candle Productions and Glass House Distribution to launch a Microbudget Horror Script Competition for 2020. The winning script will receive a $5,000 option and be entered into a mentorship program with the film’s producers, and be eligible for a production greenlit for up to $100,000 by Trick Candle and Glass House.

Recent projects to come out of Stage 32 include the upcoming Chick Fight starring Malin Ackerman, Alec Baldwin and Bella Thorne and 10-31, a horror film which will be produced by renowned director Eli Roth, Roger Birnbaum and Orion Pictures.

Founded in 2005 by actor, writer and producer Tom Malloy, Trick Candle Productions is known for films Love N’ Dancing, starring Amy Smart and Betty White, and The Alphabet Killer, starring Eliza Dusku, Cary Elwes, Tim Hutton, and Melissa Leo.

Glass House Distribution is an international distribution company specializing in feature films and television. It was founded by Malloy and Bryan Glass in September of 2015 and is now established in the world of film and TV sales,

Glass House’s original series Dropping the Soap won an Emmy for Star Jane Lynch, for Best Actress in a web series or comedy.

“We love associating the Stage 32 brand with those at the forefront of the independent film revolution. Trick House Productions and Glass House Distribution have paved the way for the way independent productions are made and distributed. We look forward to collaborating with them and finding yet another undiscovered writer to help bring their project to market,” said Stage 32 CEO Richard Botto.

The contest is open to all horror/thriller writers and writing teams around the world with microbudget screenplays that can be filmed for up to $100,000. Stage 32, Trick Candle, and Glass House are looking for unique ideas and original voices. Whether darkly comical, grindhouse gory, or classically conceived, all concepts are welcome.

“Stage 32 is the premiere online portal for connecting film, television and digital creatives worldwide and creating an environment for projects to come to fruition. They’re success is unparalleled. We’re excited to partner with them and pull in writers of the high caliber who reside on the platform,” says Malloy.

Producers Tom Malloy and Michelle Alexandria top Trick Candle Productions. Last year, they produced the thriller Trauma Therapy, starring Brian Krause and Chase Coleman.