Dark Night of the Soul

A brilliant scientist gets trapped in her car after a terrible crash. Isolated, struggling to survive, she holds the key to cure a bacteria ravaging the world.

What Rhymes with Reason

Tragedy ignites a group of teens on a quest to find a legendary landmark hidden in the wilderness. Together, they navigate the quest while confronting the darkness within themselves.

The Private Eye

Private investigator Mort Madison’s life begins spiraling downward when a beguiling, slightly familiar woman hires him for his most unusual case.

The Memory in My Heart

A child psychologist discovers a connection between a heart transplant recipient’s recurring nightmare and a shocking crime, leading her to confront a killer and seek justice for the victim.

Hidden Within

A young woman returns home to Zimbabwe to visit her ill father. A string of local disappearances reveal a frightening secret he’s been hiding.

Marbles and Bullets

At the Battle of the Wilderness a war-hardened Confederate soldier makes a fateful decision in the heat of battle that sends him on a journey home through a parallel wilderness with a ten-year-old slave boy.

Beyond Paranormal Director’s Cut

Aspiring influencer Box Girl Lily is willing to risk everything to gain followers. As she promotes her upcoming film, an enigmatic statue arrives, pulling her into an otherworldly fascination. Desperate for likes, she enlists her boyfriend to film her own…

Gypsy Moon

Haunted by his past and linked to a gypsy queen, the Captain and a young girl face a perilous journey under a rare 500-year new moon, navigating mystical barriers against encroaching darkness that reveals startling truths.

Jersey Bred

A Computer Savvy NJ Mob Prince, who’s been reorganizing organized crime, gets challenged for the top spot by his hot-tempered former childhood best friend.

Art Thief

After stealing a painting from a local museum, a passionate-but-untalented artist is thrust into the midst of the biggest art theft in modern history. Inspired by true events.

Night Shoot

A college documentary project goes awry when a group of film students stumble on a strange, wooded homeless community… and slowly discover they’re the ones being watched.

The King of Bloody Fookin’ Britain

Roger Sykes and his small-time London gang, Her Majesty’s Misfits, rip the mob off of an infamously rare shipment of chang called Malagasy Cocaine. In their quick attempt to sell the drugs, the renegades are catapulted into a chaotic fight…


After the death of his Grandfather, a boy’s father dealing with grief sends him in a journey to understand death, while putting together the annual haunted house.

Campton Manor

An author tries to investigate a decades old mystery and finds himself stuck in his own ghost story.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape tells the story of immigrant Mob King Bob who is involved in various illegal activities like arms dealing and money laundering. Bobs biggest enemy Lord Pavlov attacks Bobs family to seek revenge.


A woman who can move between realities loses her husband in a tragic accident and seeks the help of a spiritual channel to find her way back to him.

Ibiza Dark

With nothing left but regret and destitution, a battered soul embarks on a journey to salvation on a tropical isle of sunshine, music and hope from the bleak urban underworld he has become accustomed to.

SDI: Secret Department of Intervention

Secret agents Mike, Stan, and Chloé, tasked with retrieving a stolen briefcase, discover it holds a secret map to hidden World War II treasures. Betrayed by their own French Minister of Defense and hunted by a former Marine, Vogel, the…

Royal Façade

A foreign princess sneaks away on vacation without knowing her new-found small-town love interest has a notorious celebrity look-alike.

Dying to Sleep

Inspired by the 1866 CHARLES DICKENS short mystery. Terrifying nightmares, a broken family, and a mysterious Holistic Doctor, haunt Mary as she searches for the strength to find forgiveness amongst dark betrayals.

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