Delivery Requirements


Red signifies Mandatory.  For all others, please make sure a discussion has been had about what is missing and Glass House supplying it post-delivery.

  1. Quicktime ProRes 422 File of the film.
  2. HD Trailer (quicktime file) 422 ProRes
  3. Billing Block: 1 copy of approved credit block to be used in paid advertising of the Picture.
  4. Certificate of Origin: One Certificate of Origin of the Picture. (sample HERE)
  5. 10-20 color, high res JPG Stills.
  6. Synopses: One (1) copy of a brief synopsis in the English Language of the story of the Picture.
  7. All Cast and Director agreements in PDF form.
  8. High Res, layered PSD copy of the movie poster.
  9. One (1) copy of the US Copyright Certificate.
  10. Screenplay Assignment Agreement and other “chain of title” documentation as applicable such as an underlying rights agreement including , upon request, recopies of the following signed contracts for the Picture: Director, Writer, Lead Actors, Composer, any music track licenses;
  11. Metadata Sheet Filled out (attached HERE)
  12. Music Cue Sheet (sample HERE)
  13. Closed captions file, in .srt format. – You can do this at
  14. M&E Track, if available.
  15. E&O Insurance Policy, if available.
  16. Title/Clearance Report if available.
  17. Dialogue List. – Also available at
  18. Press Kit, Review Articles, Synopsis, Cast and Crew List.