Mount Joy Still

Mount Joy


With an upcoming national tour, musicians in the local Pennsylvania band “The Living Daylights” are on the verge of making it big. But the sudden disappearance of the lead singer’s girlfriend and her devastating secret could end it all. With a pulsing indie rock soundtrack, this award-winning film packs a sonic and emotional punch. “Mount Joy” is a portrait of what it means to sacrifice everything for the dreams of those you love.

“A straight-up tear jerker!” – Dennis Harvey, VARIETY
“Don’t miss it!” – CBGB Music and Film Festival

Winner! BEST FEATURE OF THE YEAR – Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
Winner! BEST ACTRESS (Hyde) – Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

Nominated for BEST FEATURE, BEST SCREENPLAY (Mena) and BEST ACTOR (Della Valle) – Leonardo DaVinci Film Society
Nominated for BEST FEATURE OF THE YEAR – Santa Barbara International Film Festival

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  • Mount Joy Still
  • Mount Joy Still
  • Mount Joy Still
  • Mount Joy Still
  • Mount Joy Still
  • Mount Joy Still
  • Mount Joy Still

Directed by Jack Lewars

Produced by Katie Hyde and Mark Sparrough

Executive Producers
Courtney Clayton Bush
Taylor Choyce
Barry and Linda Dangerfield
Nick DelCarlino
Nitin Jain
Joe Gawler
Steve Miliken
Mark and Louise Novich
Patrick and Rosalinda Raher
John Sambalino
Michael and Kathleen Sparrough
Dave Streltsoff
James Wood
Andrew and Leah Yerre

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