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ACTION/DRAMA:¬†Matt sets out to live his dreams of becoming a world champion fighter. He meets Happy McBride, a washed up has-been, who takes him under his wing and introduces him to the underground world of MMA fighting. Matt fights his way to the top but then finds that love throws a stronger punch when his falls for Happy’s daughter Nikki.


  • AfterFightLobby
  • Belasco2shot
  • Beth
  • Hap+Mat2
  • Hap+Matt_phone
  • Hap+SeyaCU3
  • Happy+Matt
  • Punch1
  • RickTheKick
  • Seya-shiner
  • Seya+Ibok

Directed by
Seo Mutarevic

Seya Hug
Shannon Staller
Kevin Bernhardt

Mark Moore
Seo Mutarevic

Written by
Kevin Bernhardt

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