Feature Films

STAND Poster


THRILLER/SUSPENSE: Two American brothers are trapped in the modern day jungles of Vietnam standing on land mines that were left behind after the Vietnam Conflict.  

Turnabout Poster


THRILLER/SUSPENSE: A troubled man survives a suicide attempt. He calls an old friend to rescue him in the middle of the night. Their journey is just beginning, and by daybreak, a tragedy will surface.  

Halfway to Hell Poster

Halfway to Hell

THRILLER/SUSPENSE: It was a neighborhood just like any other…until one day…seven desperate men on the edge move in…and nothing will ever be the same! A halfway house for men just out of prison opens in …

Sugar! Poster


MUSIC DRAMA: A housewife of a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate secretly forms an all-women rock band turning her entire world up side down.  

Couch Survivor Poster

Couch Survivor

COMEDY: A comedy that follows the executive of a failing, C-level, cable network, and the contestants in his latest project: A reality show in which seven people compete to see who can stay on one …

Mount Joy Still

Mount Joy

MUSIC DRAMA: With an upcoming national tour, musicians in the local Pennsylvania band “The Living Daylights” are on the verge of making it big. But the sudden disappearance of the lead singer’s girlfriend and her …

Coffin Footage Still

The Coffin Footage

HORROR: A young man slowly realizes that he has become the chosen target of an ominous entity…